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Multi Crew Cooperation

Basic information

We offer a stand-alone Multi-Crew Cooperation Course or MCC in combination with a type rating course for a multi-crew airplane. You can also buy the MCC course as a discounted package together with the Jet Orientation Course.

  • Oral and written English skills according to ICAO Level 4 (minimum)
  • Valid PPL
  • Valid multi-engine IR
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

8 days:

  • Theory 3 days
  • Practical training 5 days
Course content:
  • As other CATC courses, it is conducted in a traditional format, comprising theoretical training followed by practical training on synthetic training devices
  • Training emphasizes the development of non-technical skills applicable to working in a multi-crew environment
  • The objectives of MCC training are optimum decision making, communication, allocation of tasks, use of checklists, mutual supervision, teamwork and support throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions
  • Theoretical training (25 hrs.) consists of self-study and classroom lectures:
    • Interfaces: hardware, lifeware
    • Leadership and authority
    • Personality, attitudes and motivation
    • Effective and clear communication 
    • Crew cooperation procedures (SOPs)
    • Use of checklists
    • Support
    • Basic, type-specific technical training for the respective SIM or FTD
    • All the practical training is performed either on Full flight simulators with certification level D (A320, B737NG) or CG (B737CL), with motion OFF, or on FNPT ATR
    • Minimum amount of Sim training is 20 hours (5 times four hours) or 10 hours on FBS if attached to Type rating 

Valid MCC prices

  • ATR 42/72: 2590 EUR
  • B737 NG FTD: 3590 EUR
  • B737 CL FFS: 2990 EUR
  • A320 FFS: 3590 EUR
  • L 410 FFS: 2590 EUR

Valid MCC&JOC package prices

  • B737 NG FTD: 4490 EUR
  • B737 CL FFS: 3790 EUR
  • A320 FFS: 4490 EUR

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Open dates

21.-24.11.2017 MCC, 25.11. JOC Select
16.-18.1.2018 MCC, 19.1. JOC Select
13.-15.3.2018 MCC, 16.3. JOC Select
15.-17.5.2018 MCC, 18.5.2018 JOC Select

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