Company Devices Boeing 737 Next Generation Full Flight Simulator

Boeing 737 Next Generation Full Flight Simulator

The Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is operated by CATC on behalf of CAE. It is certified to the highest level, D, and equipped with cutting-edge CAE Tropos 6022 XR visual system and ACAS version 7.1 following an upgrade in 2014.

Technical specification:

  • Manufacturer: CAE Electronics Ltd.  
  • Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800
  • Aerodynamics Data: Rev. A
  • Control forces: Rev.A  
  • Engine type: CFM56-7B26  
  • Visual System: CAE Tropos 6022 XR
  • ACAS II version 7.1, Autoland yes
  • Motion system: 6 DOF 600 Series  
  • Certification: Level CG according to JAR-STD-1A amendment 2
  • Certificate 1 | Certificate 2 |
  • Zero Flight Time Type Rating approval










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