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The most wonderful part of what we do every day is taking care of you, CATC customers and students. Customer Care Team are here to make living and learning at Czech Aviation Training Centre as smooth, supportive, and fun as possible.

Preparing for your arrival

We will help you with all necessary documents and transfer to our facilities. This includes special rates for tickets and preparing you visa. Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team in order to get details of your training schedule, study and resource materials – do not hesitate to contact them any time you need. They will also be happy to help you with getting around at Prague International Airport.


Transport Accessibility

Czech Aviation Training Centre premises are located in immediate proximity of Prague Ring with connections to motorways. When travelling within Prague and surrounding areas, there are public transport stops close to CATC, or several railway stations if you are travelling from/to farther destinations. Of course, Terminal 3 is at your complete disposal too…;-)



Assisting with accommodation

So your training has been confirmed but you are not sure where to stay? Just give a call or send an email to Customer Care Team who will be most happy to inform you on latest accommodation offers at advantageous prices. For example one night in a single or double room with breakfast at Holiday Inn (Praha – Ruzyně Airport) is about 30€. It sure is worth considering, isn’t it? J



Classes & Training

When starting a course or training, you will get an interactive access to CATC administrative portal. It is a web-based service that provides our students with course schedule, training content, exams and grades, contact details etc. CATC premises have a free Wi-Fi coverage, you can use it as needed.


Leisure time

Do you want to sweeten your stay in Prague, have a rest after the training or have some fun in the hundred-towered city? You can count on us. Do not hesitate and ask our Customer Care Team, we will be happy to suggest social and leisure activities.



Your safety is always our priority. We do believe that our training facilities and the whole CATC premises are very safe. However, we would like to kindly ask you to inform us about any incident you experience. You can either use the contact form below or contact directly our instructors and colleagues at the reception desk. All messages are anonymous and serve only for future prevention of incidents. 

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